Strategic Partners

New Image Associates (NIA) is an independent organization, free to explore the best solutions to client situations without obtaining prior permission or waiver to do so. However, no one organization always has all the expertise and technology for each client situation. For that reason, NIA actively collaborates with strategic partners -- highly qualified firms that will yield substantial value to the client without adding significant costs. These firms and individuals understand the focus of NIA and bring specific complementary talents to the project. New Image has strategic partnerships with many firms including:

Other Alliances

Sometimes New Image identifies a client need that can best be served through the application of another firm’s product. NIA affiliates with a few world-class organizations that offer the highest quality products and services in their respective fields.
Among the organizations NIA currently has alliances with are:

TTI Performance Systems
TTI Performance Systems, Ltd. is affiliated with Target Training International, Ltd., Success Insights International, Inc., and Achievement Insights. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, TTI produces behavioral and values-based assessment tools that consistently receive industry leading face validity scores.

CoachVille is the largest association of coaches in the world. It provides coach training for all levels of personal and business coaches through its ten schools, many corporate coaching programs, and live events.



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